about uchars

uchar (yoo-car)

definition: a programming term for an unsigned character.

NFTs are digital assets that can represent a variety of things, including letters. Letters can be used to create unique NFTs that have meaning and value.

Inspired by Parker's UINTS, this is an experiment to bring letters to the spotlight. Letters are the art, and just as paint on a canvas, or pixels on a screen, these letters can convey meaning beyond the means.

Each token in the UCHARS collection is assigned a random letter to start, fully on-chain. The art is created using the fourteen-segment display.

Eight letters, fourteen segments per letter, one hundred and twelve segments total.

Letters are primed to be combined, and there will be an option to burn tokens and add their values together. Since letters are art, this makes you the artist.


UCHARS are available to mint on the Ethereum blockchain in phases. The first phase lasts until token 1000 is minted. During that time, tokens will get a random value between A and Z.

After token 1000 is minted, a 24 hour timer programmed into the contract will start. If token 5000 is minted before the timer runs out, a new (final) countdown for 24 hours will be started.


There is already a combine (burn) mechanism built into the contract, ready to be activated sometime after minting is closed. Combine tokens to create words. The largest combonation can consist of eight letters.

Combining letters will have an affect on the art, as new letters will be assigned a random color. More details to come when this functionality is activated.


Please participate responsibly. This is not an investment, this is just art, these are just letters and words.

- D34thSt4lker, Gooltoe

words are art